Lockable boxes for pizza
We deliver the pizza boxes in the FRANCIA and TREVISO models in different sizes and our standard motif. Our motif has an excellent 5-color print quality. The water-soluble colors are of course food safe.

Pizza boxes in all sizes with standard print


Properties Suitable for contact with food
Model 1 Francia
Model 2 Treviso
Material: model FRANCIA 1. Quality: white kraftliner+flute+white kraftliner / 125*125*125
2. Quality: white Tesaliner+Flute+white Kraftliner / 125*125*125
Material: TREVISO model Material: Model TREVISO 1. Quality: Tesaliner+Flute+Brauner Kraftliner / 90*125*100
VPE* 100 pcs/pack – 50 pcs/pack from size 40*40

* packaging unit